Wednesday, October 18, 2006

SPRO + Beer

Yesterday an old friend came to my work. It was so freakin' good to see him. And as heterosexual as I am, I must say, he looked beautiful. 49th's custom Elysian blend was followed by a trip to down to Granville Island to drop in on Jon Sanders' new roastery. That guy is flippin' ridiculous. How does a guy that should be coaching the Dallas Cowboys end up roasting great espresso for a living? He gave us each a pound of espresso and, if you're lucky and know when to drop in, you might get a taste down at Elysian. I should maybe have called it a day right there, but the brewery was just a block away, so we dropped in for a quick ale. Delicious. Beer and coffee: my sustainance. That and, ya know, God....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Resistence is Futile

Like most popular things in life, I see them grow, despise them, resist them, and then give in once they are so lame that only a geek like me would get involved this late. I have a blog. The focus on beauty that the blog of Jon Lewis displayed inspired me. Look out blogosphere. Here I am.